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the Poised Power Institute

...where a customized plan of HOPE is designed and directed by a dedicated mentor.



Focuses on mental acuity through learning relevant information often neglected in the public-school curricula. Mastery teaching ensures both the gain and retention of plan applicable knowledge.


Focuses on understanding the confident presence you can develop with your physical body and the importance of strengthening it for service. 



Focuses on the study of the culture, the Bible and ultimately the opportunity to communicate its message of hope. It is not an effort to convert, simply teach and learn.

Focuses on human interactions which is enhanced by the engagement of the custom mentor. 

Be prepared for accountability, specific expectations and deliberate methodology. The student will experience many successes and confidence boosters along the way. Once immersed in the program, students(young or old) will see their life plan unfolding before their eyes.

How it works…

Step 1 – Discovery Meeting

To establish a relationship and allow the gathering of data to design the program.

Step 2 – Creation of individualized plan

Part 3 – Acceptance of plan and start dates established

  • Extreme Mentoring

  • Customized Program

  • Flexible Logistics

  • Effective and Applicable

  • Strengthen your Life

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