I have had the privilege of knowing Terry Gourley for the past 15 years. I have known him as a coach, mentor, and as a close cherished friend. Over the years, while he has played different roles in my life, he has always displayed an incredible ability to listen, understand, and give in return wise counsel, words of encouragement, knowledge, motivation, and hope.

I have been serving in the United States Marine Corps. for nearly 11 years, operating as an infantry squad leader. I have 3 deployments under my belt, multiple high level courses completed, and have been recognized by my peers and superiors for outstanding performances in multiple areas of service. Key aspects to my success within the Corps., are not limited to but directly link into 3 phrases by Terry.


Sophomore year of high school, 2007, Coach Gourley was screaming at me for utterly destroying an offensive play during a pre-season game. I simply did not comprehend the game yet, and all its moving parts. Gourley, calmed his head and mouth, and simply said, “When you don't know what to do ATTACK! Attack with reckless abandon”. Such a simplistic phrase changed my life to this day. In today’s world everyone is consumed with over thinking, distracted by the “what ifs” of life, and weighing their choices as they sweat out panic. When you attack life, it doesn't mean be reckless, it means act with reckless abandonment, fully committing to the course you choose. For me that meant aiming to be better than all my peers in boot camp…so I graduated as the Honor Man. After that it meant being the best Marine at infantry school; so I graduated Honor Man again…I have attacked every rank, every mission, every obstacle, every course with reckless abandonment. It doesn't mean I was the most skilled, trained or knowledgeable Marine, but unlike others I heard and listened to my mentor’s words. When I didn't know what to do, I ATTACKED.


As a small unit leader of 13 Marines in a squad, it is pivotal to be a team player on all fronts. The football team’s motto one year, under Coach Gourley, centered around “Little Me, Big Team.” Focusing on yourself is easy, it’s simple and within your power. Focusing on others is much more difficult. Again as a squad leader, this phrase alone guides how I lead and interact my Marines. Realizing the power of a united front, and a solidified core of dedicated warriors is truly breathtaking. When each Marine doesn't simply “buy into” that phrase, but when they truly believe “little me, BIG TEAM”, we truly become the tip of the spear that America can readily throw at any enemy with the assurance that we will penetrate and obliterate.


The third phrase came to me in 2009, “For the Faithful, Wars Shall Never Cease.” I believed this message so much, brought to my attention by Terry, that it became my first tattoo. In a world of extreme opposition, intolerance, and crippling judgement, if you don't possess faith in yourself and your beliefs, then you will fall to whatever challenge you face. I have laid out my personal beliefs and convictions. I have set my moral compass and have walked by faith in them. There have been innumerable times during my deployments around the globe that situations and circumstances have found me questioning myself, beliefs, and if my course is still headed in the correct direction. I simply need to look on my left shoulder and read, “For the Faithful, Wars Shall Never Cease.” Every day is a battle, and life is a war, we must stay grounded and faithful if we are to endure and be victorious. Had Terry not introduced me to this concept, many things in my life may have been drastically different.


I count myself blessed to have learned these fundamental concepts at a young age and that I’ve had time to reflect on them, apply them and teach them to the future generations that will shoulder the weight of this country’s protection. As I continue to mature and grow in wisdom I will continue to use these phrases and concepts to not only meet every challenge head on, but to ATTACK it with reckless abandonment, being mindful of a “little me” so that I may help the BIG team, and I will do it FAITHFULLY so that I may win the battles, that will win the war.  Travis Sproat USMC


Floating along in life was what I was destined for...or so I thought. Work was fine, home was fine but there was an emptiness that sat in my gut. It had been there so long, we had become roommates that just ignored each other. I had no reason to think things would ever feel exciting or challenging or even worth putting effort into.


I didn’t realize it when I first met the big smile and warm handshake that is Terry Gourley, that I'd inadvertently wandered onto a path that has taken me on quite an unexpected journey.This guy figures out what people need to grow. That's what Terry does...he builds strong people. Now, that means something different for everyone. Over the years, I’ve evaded challenges so I never felt accomplished or of worth. It didn't matter that I had a good job or an amazingly loving family. That feeling of worth was something that had escaped me for years.

Terry welcomed me into his gym and let me start working on me. As an introvert, I appreciated the space to push myself at my own pace…well, with some subtle but effective encouragement!Some days are hard or all days are hard…When I needed advice, I got it. When I needed a spotter, I got it. Terry plants ideas, suggests opportunities, nudges, challenges, cheers us on.I'm now living a life I never knew I wanted to have. I will be eternally grateful I shook that hand.  Sarah Coulter

I highly regard  Terry Gourley as a person and a professional. He is a genuinely honest, no nonsense person. When I think of this program you have developed, I am blown away at the gifts and intellect our God has given you. You are unique in the way you touch people's lives because the heart of what you do is love others.


A quote in a book called Tending Roses  by  Lisa Wingate summarizes how Terry coached me through my difficulties. The quote states, "The secret to a happy life is not in getting what you want, it is in learning to want what you get. Don't waste your time crying over what you not given. When you have tears in your eyes, you can't see all the beautiful things around you." 

Terry was the best gift God gave me because he encouraged me to pick up the pieces of my life and bring them to my father God. He taught me to take responsibility for my life...all of it...Terry showed me to up my life and stop resenting it and to stop expecting others to make the changes for me. I am truly blessed to know Terry.

Paula Roberts


On December 31, 2012, our lives were forever changed. We received the phone call that every parent dreads. The words, “There’s been an accident,” reverberated on the line. My son, Luc, had dunked a basketball and had brought the entire basketball system down onto his face. The diagnosis was a severe concussion, multiple facial and orbital fractures, crushed nasal bones and frontal sinuses, severe lacerations above, below, and between the eyes, and a cracked cribriform plate which was causing a brain fluid leak. In short, he would need a bilateral craniotomy to repair the leak and to reconstruct the nose. Thankfully everything went well. Unfortunately, we would have some long term concerns.

After going back to school, Luc came home and told us that he felt “slower”. It took him longer to think, read, write, speak. But of utmost concern to him: he was slower on the playground. Luc has always been in the 90th percentile in height (his dad is 6’6”). He measured 23.5” at birth. Long legs gave him an advantage. Now, he was barely keeping up with the class. Everything became harder for him.

In January of 2014, Luc joined Dew Coach. We were told this wasn’t just a workout plan; it was leaders’ training. They would be working the body AND the mind. Luc needed this. He had lost confidence in his abilities.

As time went on, many boys came and went from the program, but Luc never wavered. There were times when it was just he that showed up and he trained one-on-one. Those were the times that I was most proud of him. He very easily could’ve opted out, and I would’ve understood. All of his friends were on a different schedule playing football while he could not. But we didn’t let him opt out, and he wouldn’t have wanted to. He persevered because it worked, and it worked because he persevered.

Last Tuesday, Luc played two basketball games back-to-back. His second game was the best he’s ever played! He was aggressive, and he had stamina. When all the other players were doubled over with their hands on their knees, Luc was sprinting to be the first one to the other end of the court. He was using his body to box out the other players who were older and bigger than him and jumping up to get the rebound. (As an incoming freshman, Luc has already been approached about playing varsity.) During practices, he is the first one done with sprints. Sometimes he even keeps running when he’s finished so the last guy doesn’t have to finish alone.

I know without a doubt that we can attribute his success to the Leaders’ Program at Dew Coach. Luc is still humble and reserved. But there is an underlying power within him, an unshakeable confidence that has been built into him through this program. Because of the timing of his accident (those turbulent middle school years), Luc’s story could have gone a completely different way. I praise God that it didn’t.  Susy Murphy

Will Smyth.jpg

Defining moments in my life….

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  Cesare Pavese

When Terry asked me to write a testimonial, I jumped at the opportunity to put into words what I knew Terry to be…a natural leader, a coach, a mentor and ultimately a friend.  Ironically, three months later, here I am typing this message and having a hard time putting into words the profound affect he and his family has had on mine. 

Recently, I was at a friend’s house and I noticed a book sitting on the table.  I picked it up and flipped it open straight into a section about defining moments in your life.  It provoked me to reflect upon the defining moments in my life and helped me develop the theme to this testimonial.  When I sat down and made my list of defining moments, it became clear to me that meeting Terry Gourley could be counted among them.

I originally met Terry at a fundraiser for Grace Brethren.  I remember when my wife wanted to introduce us.  As I walked up to meet him, before me was this larger-than-life, semi-redneck character in a cowboy hat, jeans and boots.  He had a presence, to say the least.   We introduced ourselves, shook hands and I went about my business without too much afterthought. 


Fast forward two months later and Terry was in the middle of his first expansion with Dew Coach Fitness.  I decided to join.  After three months, I was in the best shape of my life.   His approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle are unparalleled.  I was shocked that in my late 30’s I was in better shape than I was when I played college soccer.  However, his role as a trainer for me, while significant, pales in comparison the role he has played in other areas of my life. 


Six months after I met Terry, I found myself at the most difficult junction in my personal and professional life.  My wife and I had just purchased our first home.  I decided to remodel our home, sunk our savings into the remodel, hired a contractor that tore our home apart and bailed on the job.  In the process, I allowed that contractor to come between my wife and I.  I had just started a new job.  My new boss was in the process of failing and trying to use me as a scapegoat.  My wife discovered she was pregnant with our first child.  Any one of those circumstances could and has ended marriages, relationships and lives.  The convergence of all those things had put me and my family on the verge of financial ruin and divorce. 

Things in all aspects of my life were spiraling out of control and I was quickly running out of options.  It was at that point that Terry stepped in, allowed my wife to move in with his family and was able to calm the storm that had been building in our lives up until that point.  It was an offer that came with no strings attached, from a person that I least expected, at a point where I needed it more than ever before. 

Over the course of a few months, my wife and I were able to reconcile our differences and prepare for the birth of our first child.  It was Terry’s coaching, assistance and mentoring that facilitated that process.  Within a few more months, we were able to get the house remodel under control, sort out the issues in my professional life and get our lives back on track. 


No matter what your goal may be (personal, professional or other) Terry has the skill set to help you realize it.  From trivial to life-altering goals, I believe it is his calling in life to assist people in reaching their potential.  I am hard pressed to think of anyone else in my life that lives theirs more intentionally or with more significance.  That’s why I consider meeting Terry Gourley a defining moment in my life. 



Will Smyth

Operations Manager and Turnaround Specialist